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Treatment for Teeth Related Sports Injuries

Participating in any sport as a hobby or at a professional level comes with a risk of injury. The usual sports injuries that players experience are facial and dental-related. Sports that account for most dental-related injuries include basketball, baseball, and soccer. Injuries can also happen in softball, boxing, field hockey, and gymnastics.

Improving Your Smile With Lumineers

If you’ve heard of veneers, Lumineers are just like them, but an improved version. Veneers are thick permanent covers fitted to the surface of your teeth to fix weak, discolored, or broken teeth. Veneers are good, only that they are chunky and need a layer of your enamel shaved off so they can fit. Many people are terrified by the idea of having their teeth filed or ground down. But, not to worry, Lumineers address that concern.

Benefits of a Snap-On Smile

Arguably, every individual out there desires to have a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to different reasons, mainly related to the condition of the teeth. Snap-on Smile is an invention that is allowing everyone to smile with confidence.

When to Get Dentures

When you think about dentures, most of the time, an elderly person comes to mind. People have been conditioned to think that dentures are a reserve of senior citizens. However, modern dentures are very prevalent.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Studies show that loss of permanent teeth is a common dental issue among teens and adults in the United States. The American Dental Association says that losing a tooth may be an unavoidable option even for those who have healthy dentition. Sometimes, tooth extraction is the only way to regain overall health as well. If you want to understand the reasons for tooth extractions, here’s what you should know.

Why Bring In Your Child for Routine Dental Exams

​​​​​​​All children are susceptible to dental caries or cavities. Several factors contribute to tooth decay. These include a diet high in sugar, increased levels of bacteria living in the mouth that cause plaque, and poor oral hygiene. The earlier your kid starts getting their regular dental checkup, the healthier their oral system will be throughout their lives. Here are some of the reasons why you should bring in your child for routine dental exams:

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Both Invisalign® and traditional braces have been developed to straighten teeth. The conventional option is irremovable and made of metal brackets that are bonded on the surface of your teeth. Wires and tiny rubber bands tie them together. On the other hand, Invisalign is removable and designed to be natural-looking. Aligner trays are made of clear plastic worn over your teeth to move them into alignment.

Treating Root Canals

A root canal is a part of a tooth. It is mainly below the gum while the crown is above it. It attaches the tooth to your jawbone. Inside the root and the crown is the pulp, which provides moisture and nourishes the tooth. The pulp’s nerves sense cold and hot temperatures as pain. A root canal, therefore, is a procedure that means “inside the tooth.”

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has quickly become the preferred orthodontic solution for many patients who are looking to improve the position of their teeth. This is because of the unique benefits associated with this treatment. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages of choosing Invisalign orthodontic treatment. 

Candidates for Mini Dental Implants

While you have almost certainly heard of dental implants, you may not have heard of mini dental implants. Mini dental implants use exactly the same design and technique, but as their name suggests, their size is significantly smaller.

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