Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers

man being treated with dental veneers

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are strong, thin shells or coverings that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to correct a wide array of cosmetic issues. Veneers can be tinted to match your own teeth so they blend in and look natural.

What Conditions Do Veneers Treat?

Veneers can be used to:

  • hide deep stains and discoloration, which cannot be treated with bleaching

  • hide small cracks or fissures, especially superficial ones

  • hide chips and pits in the tooth surface

  • correct the appearance of uneven or worn tooth edges

  • help crooked teeth appear straight without the use of braces

  • close gaps between teeth

  • improve the appearance of a “gummy” smile

How Is A Porcelain Veneer Applied?

In most cases, the veneer procedure will take two visits. At the first visit, your tooth will be prepared for the veneer. This involves removing a small amount of the tooth surface layer to provide room for the veneer's thickness, so it doesn't “stick out” beyond the neighboring teeth. An impression, or mold, of your tooth, will also be made. This impression will be sent to a lab where your veneer will be crafted. A temporary veneer will be placed on your tooth to protect it while the permanent veneer is being made. At the second visit, the temporary veneer will be removed from your tooth and your tooth surface will be cleaned. Then, the permanent veneer will be carefully bonded to your tooth and polished.

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