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Rudell Gary S. Jacinto, DMD

Family Dentist located in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Rudell Jacinto uses state-of-the-art techniques to create comfortable, natural-looking full and partial dentures for patients in Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, and throughout the Los Angeles, CA, area, helping men and women feel more confident and enjoy improved oral health following the loss of one, several or all of their teeth. Dr. Jacinto's office is conveniently located near Central LA, Wilshire Center, Koreatown, Oakwood, Melrose, Farifax, La Brea, Beverly Grove, Little Ethiopia, Dockweiler, Vineyard, Mid-Wilshire, Faircrest Heights, and Mid City.

Dentures Q & A

How long will it be before my dentures feel comfortable?

That depends on whether you have full or partial dentures and if you've worn dentures in the past. People with partial dentures and those who have worn dentures in the past tend to adjust fairly quickly, usually within a couple of days or even less. People who receive full dentures, especially if they've never worn a partial denture, can take a week or more to fully adjust. The best way to speed up the adjustment process is to wear your dentures as often as possible during the breaking-in period. Many patients feel their dentures are too large or are protruding too far. These are common feelings and will resolve once you become used to the way dentures feel.

Will dentures interfere with the way I speak?

Initially, and especially if you have full dentures, you may have difficulty speaking normally. Many patients worry their dentures will “fly out” when they start to speak. To improve your speech, try reading aloud while wearing your dentures to help your gums and teeth adjust more quickly to the way your dentures feel while you're speaking.

How can I keep my dentures from slipping?

Using denture adhesives can help prevent most slipping, but if you find you're experiencing slippage even with adhesives, you should schedule an office visit to have your dentures examined and “re-fit” or relined if needed. Following tooth loss, your gums will begin to atrophy, and regular adjustment as your gums become smaller will help ensure your dentures continue to fit properly.

If I have full dentures, will I still need to visit the dentist?

Yes, you'll still need to have routine appointments to check the health of your gums, to be screened for oral cancer and to ensure your dentures continue to fit properly so you can avoid sore spots and infections.