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As a leading dentist helping patients in Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, and the greater Los Angeles, area, Dr. Rudell Jacinto has extensive experience in performing safe, painless tooth extractions, including simple extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, and extractions following dental trauma. Dr. Jacinto's office is conveniently located near Central LA, Wilshire Center, Koreatown, Oakwood, Melrose, Farifax, La Brea, Beverly Grove, Little Ethiopia, Dockweiler, Vineyard, Mid-Wilshire, Faircrest Heights, and Mid City.

Extractions Q & A

Why do teeth need to be pulled?

In most cases, teeth are pulled because they're badly decayed or damaged by trauma and cannot be restored with root canals, overlays or other techniques. Other times, they may be pulled to prevent overcrowding or because significant infection is present.

Do all wisdom teeth need to be pulled?

Not necessarily, but it's usually a good idea. First of all, wisdom teeth that come in crooked or sideways and those that are impacted (stuck under neighboring teeth and unable to erupt) should be removed to avoid crowding and other serious issues that can affect your entire mouth and overall oral health. But even if wisdom teeth come in straight, their location way in the back of the jaw makes it difficult to keep them clean, which means they're more prone to decay and infection, which in turn can spread to other teeth. They're also more likely to develop gum disease. Having these teeth pulled is a proactive step in preserving better oral health overall.

What is the extraction process like?

That depends on where the tooth is located in your mouth and how badly it's been damaged. In a simple extraction, the nerves that provide sensation to the tooth are numbed to prevent pain, and the tooth is firmly grasped and pulled using a special instrument. But when a tooth is broken, cracked or otherwise damaged, an incision may be needed to remove the entire tooth, including the portion beneath the gum. Once the extraction is complete, the socket may need to be packed with gauze to control bleeding, and you'll need to follow care instructions closely to avoid infection and prevent dislodging the blood clot that forms in the initial stages of healing. Before your tooth is pulled, the tooth and the area surrounding it will be carefully evaluated to ensure the best approach is used.